The WindUP winch

The idea of this winch appeared years ago in french mountains where the wind is the least reliable. This winch was the solution to ride whatever the conditions and test boards on any remote spot while sharing it with friends.
Everything started years ago with prototypes using car wheels or heavy duty electric motors. After many trials, errors and prototypes, we managed to create a winch that is light, silent, ultra compact and with an incredible autonomy. It opens up endless possibilities with a foil and all of its disciplines.

Be prepared to attract attention ! A completely silent foil that flies above water without wind or waves is pretty uncommon.

The winch is also an ecological, economical and user friendly alternative to a boat.

On parle du projet WindUP :

Find Hadrien Brunner's test and feedbacks on his blog Pimpyourride

Foil Magazine presents our project in this article

Today, the winch is also used for foil R&D by the engineering school SEATECH Toulon

Un grand merci à Philippe Echaroux qui a utilisé le treuil pour un projet vidéo sur la magie du foil

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